Fibromyalgia: Searching for the Underlying Cause

There are many theories, but recent studies are honing in on central sensitization, a phenomenon that has been linked to whiplash injuries. What is central sensitization? It has to do with the way the body feels pain. Specifically, the way the brain reacts to specific stimuli. When a person experiences central sensitization, pain sensors stay [...]

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Brain Fog and Fibromyalgia – A Natural Solution

Most people associate fibromyalgia with pain alone. However, sometimes the most debilitating symptoms are the cognitive ones which can include Confusion Disorientation Forgetfulness These symptoms are collectively referred to as brain fog (and sometimes as fibro fog when specifically referring to a fibromyalgia patient). Other Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Besides pain and brain fog, patients also [...]

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Treatment for Fibromyalgia in Honolulu, Hawaii

Fibromyalgia may affect a much as 7% of the US population. The majority of patients with fibromyalgia are female. While some debate whether or not the condition even exists, the symptoms that identify fibromyalgia are very real. These symptoms include: Perpetual full-body pain Sleep problems Fatigue Brain fog IBS and bladder issues Headaches What Causes [...]

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Real Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Honolulu

Many who experience conditions like chronic fatigue also deal with frustration. This is because it is difficult to obtain a diagnosis, treatment options are limited, and even close friends and family often find it tough to understand the condition. We are going to take a moment to look more closely at chronic fatigue and a [...]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Simple Solution for a Complex Issue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated disorder.  The cause remains poorly understood even though there are many theories, and the extreme fatigue that people experience is not relieved with rest.  There is no single test that can be used to confirm the diagnosis. In fact, a variety of medical tests are usually necessary in order [...]

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Natural Relief from Fibromyalgia in Honolulu HI

Fibromyalgia is physically and psychologically distressing, as you know if you suffer from it. Its origin is unknown, and its development is very much a mystery among those in the medical field. What are some symptoms that sufferers experience? Extreme fatigue Sleep disturbances Widespread body pain Abnormal pain processing And these are only a few [...]

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Natural Fibromyalgia Relief in Honolulu, Hawaii

Fibromyalgia (FM) was once an obscure condition that many believe was “in a person’s head.” It is now recognized as a fairly common health problem with estimates ranging anywhere from 1 to 7 percent of the population of the US suffering from the condition. FM is also far more common for women than men with [...]

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Finding Relief from Fibromyalgia in Honolulu HI

Fibromyalgia can be difficult to understand.  It is condition characterized by chronic and widespread pain and tenderness that is difficult, or impossible to find lasting relief from.  Fibromyalgia (FM) is usually made as a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that once other possible issues and conditions have been ruled out and there is nothing left to [...]

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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Are you always tired? Like really tired. It doesn’t matter what you do… even if you go to bed earlier or get a new mattress, a new pillow or whatever you change you are still tired. There may be a variety of reasons for this but one of them is a medical condition called Chronic [...]

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Relief of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Honolulu HI

When Does Being Tired All The Time Become A Problem? Most people keep their entire schedule completely full, burning the candle at both ends with barely any time to squeeze in a lunch at work or school. The snooze button on their alarm clocks are almost completely worn out. They are still completely exhausted even [...]

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