11 Questions to Ask to Identify Migraines

Do you experience recurring headaches but aren’t sure whether its a plain headache or a migraine? To help you out, we have eleven questions you should ask yourself to find out if you’re having a migraine. Although some may seem vague, knowing the answers to these questions may help clear up some confusion regarding your [...]

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10 Facts About Men and Migraines

Migraines involve not only intense head pain, but also nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound, light, and noise, and visual disturbances. These episodes could last 4 hours and up to 3 days and take just as long to recover from. Women are far more likely to get migraines, at a statistic of 3 times more often [...]

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Managing Migraines at Upper Cervical Hawaii in Honolulu

Anyone who suffers from migraines or knows someone who does can testify as to just how miserable they are to cope with. As many as 39 million American men, women, and children have migraines and as many as 1 billion globally suffer. Here are some interesting facts about migraines you may not be aware of: [...]

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Tension Headaches? All Natural Relief Is Available!

A tension-type headache is known most generally for mild to moderate pain that is likened to a band that tightens around the head. Here is some interesting information about tension headaches: The diagnosis of tension headaches is made after a physical examination and a discussion of symptoms. In some cases, imaging may be recommended to [...]

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Migraines Linked to Nervous System Function in Honolulu, HI

Migraines are difficult enough to deal with, but a new study suggests those who suffer from them may also be at a higher risk to have a stroke if their migraines are preceded by visual disturbances or an aura. The American Stroke Association’s annual meeting in 2016 reported on this finding. It was also found [...]

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Children Get Migraines Too!

It may be surprising to learn that children suffer from severe migraines, as well as adults. As much as 10% of children over the age of 10 have migraines, while under age 10, about 5% suffer migraines. Neurologists in the pediatric field acknowledge that migraines in young ones happen more often than the majority of [...]

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Finding Help When Seizures Occur Alongside Migraines

When one has a seizure and a migraine in close proximity to each other they are generally categorized in one of two ways – migralepsy or occipital migraines. The symptoms of both of these are very much the same, making it hard to know whether a migraine is causing the seizure or is it the [...]

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Migraine 101 for Women in Honolulu

You may be surprised to hear that about three times as many women as men are affected by migraines as adults.  Over the course of one month, 25% of these women will experience 4 or more severe attacks.  If you’ve ever had a migraine, you’ll know that it can take you out of commission for [...]

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When a Migraine Is Actually a Mixed Tension Headache

The pain of a migraine is extremely debilitating. It may sound a little strange, but a person can actually have another headache in addition to a migraine at the same time. These are sometimes referred to as mixed tension headaches, transformed migraines, or chronic migraines. No matter what the name is, the pain is horrible, [...]

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Chronic Headaches Can Lead to Loss of Tissue in the Brain

Chronic headaches are seen in 3 to 5% of the population around the globe. This means that these people have a headache for more than 15 days out of a 30-day period. Recent research has revealed that people in this situation may actually be losing brain tissue. There are a number of different types of [...]

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