Migraine, Headache, TriggersMigraines can be a debilitating condition to live with, both for the sufferer themselves, as well as their families and loved ones.  While it’s easy to see the negative impacts that migraines can have on a person’s quality of life, there are still many aspects of migraines that are not well understood in the scientific realm, including their exact cause.  There are certain triggers that have been fairly well identified.  People who suffer from migraines are typically advised to avoid certain foods and beverages, including chocolate and red wine.  There are also several lesser-known facts about migraines that you may find interesting:

  • A study of people with migraines in Missouri and Ohio found that the chances of developing a migraine increased on days when lightening was nearby as compared to days when there was no lightening present.   Other weather conditions have also been linked to migraines, including barometric pressure and humidity.
  • Migraine sufferers are at an increased risk of stroke and other cardiovascular issues when compared with the general population.
  • A reduction in stress may actually trigger a migraine episode.  A 20% increased risk of migraines was found after someone’s mood shifted from sad to happy or from nervous to relaxed.  These types of migraines are called “let-down” migraines, and may be connected to a sudden decrease in hormones.

Many people choose to manage their migraines with the more traditional approach of medications, rest, and perhaps monitoring what their migraine triggers are.  While this approach may help to provide some temporary relief, the migraines eventually return.  This is because the underlying cause of the migraines isn’t being addressed.

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Honolulu migraine specialist

In Honolulu, upper cervical chiropractor and migraine expert Dr. Joe Breuwet has a unique approach to uncovering the cause of people’s migraines.  Dr. Breuwet looks to the top two bones of the spine, since, when misaligned, can cause numerous health conditions by interfering with messages traveling between the brain and body over the nervous system.  After careful analysis, a specific adjustment is given, restoring normal alignment, as well as normal nervous system function.  Migraines have responded particularly well to this approach, which is aimed at a more permanent solution rather than merely a treatment for your symptoms.



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