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Migraine sufferers know that an attack can put them out of commission for the better part of the day or longer.  This has a big impact on their ability to maintain a regular work schedule, as well as a healthy social life with friends and family.  Approximately 1 in 10 people across the United States suffers from migraines, which amounts to about 36 million Americans.  Here’s a look at migraines by the numbers:

  • $13 billion is lost each year because of 113 million lost work days
  • 14 million people suffer chronic daily headaches
  • Healthcare costs to treat chronic migraines amount to $50 billion per year

While the dollar amounts are shocking, what’s worse is that people continue to suffer on a daily basis just hoping to make it through another day without an attack.  The anxiety and fear that many chronic migraine sufferers deal with can sometimes be as difficult to cope with as the migraine episode itself.

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Getting to the Root Cause of Migraines

One of the major functions of the spine is to provide protection for the spinal cord.  This is important since the spinal cord is responsible for relaying signals travelling to and from your brain.  Normal spinal cord and nervous system function are critical to your overall health.  A specific misalignment of the top bone in your spine (the atlas) can create pressure within the spinal cord, causing a distortion of those brain-body signals.  This may contribute to abnormal muscle tension, blood flow, and nervous system function, all leading to migraine symptoms.

I am trained in the upper cervical technique of NUCCA – an extremely precise and specific way to gently address atlas misalignments.  Getting the atlas back into normal alignment and giving the body time to heal has allowed us to help many migraine patients regain their quality of life.  Once the atlas is in its proper position, pressure from the spinal cord is relieved, restoring nervous system function and blood flow between the brain and body.  This may be the key to reducing or even eliminating migraine symptoms altogether.

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