Migraine, Migraines, Headache, Headaches, Head Pain, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Relief, Headache Relief, Tension Headache, Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Headaches ReliefYou may be surprised to hear that about three times as many women as men are affected by migraines as adults.  Over the course of one month, 25% of these women will experience 4 or more severe attacks.  If you’ve ever had a migraine, you’ll know that it can take you out of commission for hours, sometimes days.  For women, this can impact your family, your career, and your social life.  

What Are My Options?

Migraines in women can come about due to hormonal changes, stress, or many other triggers.  Some simple things to do to try to reduce the chances of developing a migraine are to ensure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, staying hydrated, and exercising.  Beyond focusing lifestyle changes, most migraine treatment options are aimed at addressing symptoms, which commonly include various medications for pain and/or nausea.  Some women have even tried hormone therapies, Botox injections, and other more invasive procedures in search of lasting relief.

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic – The Long Term Solution

We find that more and more women are looking for a natural approach to migraine treatment, especially when they’ve had limited success with conventional treatment options.  Since migraines are known as neurological headaches, in our practice, we look for areas of compromised nervous system functions.  In many cases, migraine sufferers have a specific misalignment of the uppermost vertebra of the neck, which sits just beneath the skull.  A misalignment in this area can have a profound impact on normal nervous system function, as well as on blood and spinal fluid flow between the brain and body.  Having this area checked and corrected will often bring much-needed relief for people living with migraines, and the best part is that the results are made to last.

If you’ve been putting up with your migraine condition for too long—whether it’s an episode once a month, once a week, or more—upper cervical chiropractic may be the answer you’ve been looking for.  Our approach is extremely precise, very gentle, and completely natural.






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