10-facts-about-men-and-migrainesMigraines involve not only intense head pain, but also nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound, light, and noise, and visual disturbances. These episodes could last 4 hours and up to 3 days and take just as long to recover from. Women are far more likely to get migraines, at a statistic of 3 times more often than men. However, 6 percent of men get them as well, and with 39 million migraine sufferers in in the US alone, that’s a lot of men. Here are 10 interesting facts about men and migraines:

10 Interesting Facts Related to Men and Migraines

  1. Men who have a background serving in the military have a higher risk of developing migraines because of PTSD and TBI. Emotional trauma is often a precursor to migraines, as many soldiers know. Approximately 10 percent of returning soldiers are hit with migraines, and the percentage doubles among those with PTSD.
  2. Many men suffer from migraines. Women may have more migraines than men due to hormone fluctuations, but the men also suffer, including some famous names such as:
    • Elvis
    • Ben Affleck
    • Kanye West
    • Einstein

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  1. Men are not so quick to visit a doctor and get diagnosed. Statistics show that more than half of people with migraines are misdiagnosed. According to MAGNUM, a nonprofit migraine awareness group, migraines are misdiagnosed in about 60 percent of female cases and 70 percent of male cases.
  2. Men have a higher risk of developing migraines than ulcers. In the United States, five million people have ulcers, and of these cases, twice as many are men than women. On the other hand, when it comes to the 39 million migraine sufferers in the US, three times as many are women than men. According to these facts, only 3.5 million men have ulcers versus 9 million who have migraines.
  3. Men have a greater risk of heart attack if they suffer from migraines. Male migraine sufferers have a 42 percent higher risk of heart attack than those without. If these migraines are ignored, it can result in bigger problems later on.
  4. Men and women alike often mistake migraines for a sinus headache. Several symptoms are very similar, the biggest difference is that sinus headaches are not recurring.
  5. Playing high contact sports places men at a higher risk for migraines caused by concussions. Getting a post-traumatic headache following a concussion is very common. According to a 2005 study, athletes who have a history of concussion are likely to have more migraines. This could be related to a misalignment in the bones of the upper cervical spine, which we will further explain toward the end of this article.
  6. Men who choose not to get a migraine diagnosis or to share their condition, actually put their children at risk. There is legitimate evidence that migraines are genetic in certain cases. If a parent has migraines, then the child’s chances of developing the condition is up by 50 percent. Learning that you children is vulnerable to migraines at an early age can help you to avoid misdiagnosis, avoid improperly care for them, and help to slow or interrupt a progression to chronic migraines.
  7. If a man is over 40 years of age, he is more likely to have migraines than issues with prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction. Advertisers do their best to sell the idea that the latter health problems are bigger than they are for men in this age range. According to the facts, one out of every 20 males age 40 has ED, one in every 38 men age 40 to 59 has prostate cancer, and one out of every 18 men has migraines. This is not as commonly highlighted.
  8. Nine million men in the US have migraines.  It is important to encourage men to share about their migraines so that can they begin finding the proper resources for improving their life despite this condition. Here is some information that may be helpful for just that.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Brings Relief for Men with Migraines

Migraines have been frequently related to a misalignment of the upper cervical spine. Men are particularly susceptible to this kind of misalignment due to the amount of physical labor and contact sports they tend to be involved in. This means more wear and tear on their bodies. As men get older, the soft tissue of the spine wears down over time, and there is an increase of tension in their neck. These can all cause a misalignment to the atlas or axis bone, the top bones of the neck, and can disrupt healthy flow of oxygen-rich blood travelling to the brain as well as put pressure on the brainstem. This is how a neck misalignment can lead to migraines.

Upper cervical chiropractors use a unique method that is different from traditional chiropractors, avoiding any popping of the back or cracking the neck to get results. Instead we use a method that is based on scientific measurements and detailed imaging. We use a precise, gentle technique that encourages the bones of the neck to return to their proper place. These types of adjustments are designed to hold in place longer, thus aiding the body in the natural healing process surrounding the correction. Adjustments are only given when they are necessary, saving you time and money in the process.

If you are suffering from migraines, whether you are male or female, young or old, we recommend that you come in for an examination. It could mean a life with fewer migraines or being migraine free in only a few short visits.

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