Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, Tired, Chronic Fatigue SyndromeFibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition following osteoarthritis. It can be a scary diagnosis for someone as little is known about it, and it is difficult to diagnose until ruling out all other possibilities. In some cases, it causes depression and social isolation. So, what should someone look for if fibromyalgia is suspected?

  • Joint pain and stiffness without redness or swelling
  • Feeling extremely tired
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Problems with bowel and bladder function
  • Problems swallowing
  • Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • A feeling of numbness or tingling
  • Problems thinking and remembering (brain fog)
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Widespread pain throughout the body

Pain, although listed here last, is the primary sign that a person may have fibromyalgia. This can be due to neurochemical imbalances that cause inflammation. In turn, this causes the brain to feel pain when there is actually no pain. Who is at a higher risk to develop fibromyalgia?

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  • Females, particularly those around menopause age (due to loss of estrogen)
  • Those with poor physical conditioning due to lack of exercise
  • Hereditary factors play a role, especially if a mother or father had it
  • Those who have had surgery
  • Those who have suffered a traumatic head or neck injury

Although anyone can develop this disease and it can be a hard diagnosis to accept, however, be assured that there is hope for those suffering.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Can Help Fibromyalgia

There have been numerous studies done that have proven that there is a definite connection between fibromyalgia and those who have had an injury to their neck. We focus our attention on the C1 vertebra. A misalignment in this area creates a situation that brings nothing but harm to the body. This misalignment stresses the brainstem, affecting the way the central nervous system functions.

The central nervous system controls a number of systems throughout the body. If it is unable to send and receive signals properly from the brain, this creates the perfect environment for symptoms of fibromyalgia. Once corrected, many patients have reported that their symptoms have decreased and sometimes have gone away entirely.

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