Drug-Free Relief of Meniere’s disease in Honolulu Hawaii

vertigoMeniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder, is defined by a distinct combination of symptoms.  Typically, these four elements are the hallmark of Meniere’s:1

  1. Recurring vertigo episodes: the sensation of vertigo can feel as if the room around you is spinning. Loss of balance is also possible.  Severe episodes of vertigo can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  2. Hearing loss: The hearing loss in Meniere’s disease may come and go in the beginning, but eventually most people experience some degree of permanent loss.
  3. Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  4. Feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear


The inner ear itself is a complex structure with many pathways and passages.  These passageways are lined with special sensors that respond to fluid within the inner ear.  When this fluid is disturbed, either by a change in volume, pressure, or chemical composition, it may contribute to some of the symptoms experienced by those who suffer with Meniere’s disease.   Recently, an article was published in the Tech Times that proposed a possible cause of Meniere’s, as one had not yet been pinpointed.  Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine described a strong link between Meniere’s disease and conditions that cause a temporary reduction of blood flow to the brain, as in migraines.2

One thing that upper cervical chiropractors like Dr. Breuwet, have known for a very long time has been the connection between the uppermost bones of the spine just beneath the skull and the ability of the brain to receive proper blood flow.  Because of the unique shape and location of the top two vertebrae in your neck, a misalignment in this area has the potential to negatively impact brainstem function and proper circulation to the head and neck.  Dr. Breuwet utilizes a very specialized method of analysis and adjustment to ensure that proper alignment is attained and allowed to stay corrected for as long as possible.  People in Honolulu who have been affected by Meniere’s disease would benefit greatly from having the alignment of their necks assessed by Dr. Breuwet to see if a misalignment in this area could be the underlying cause of their health concerns.

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Ménière’s Disease in Honolulu

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