Is There Any Relief for Those Suffering from Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, Tired, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFSWhile chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) are not the same conditions, we are going to refer to them together in this article, simply because they are both diseases that amplify symptoms in those who suffer from them. Also, it is possible that they both stem from the same underlying cause.

Chronic fatigue is a complex disorder that can be triggered by a virus or extreme stress. A person suffering from this disease can have a good night’s rest but feel like she did not sleep at all. Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain throughout the body. These conditions can coexist. They are real medical conditions that should be viewed as such and taken seriously.

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Fibromyalgia’s Link to Brainstem Function

People with both FM and CFS may also have damage that has occurred to their brainstem at some point. Part of the brainstem’s job is to regulate energy levels in the body. If it has been injured, energy can be hindered.

Minor accidents, falls, sports injuries, car accidents, or other similar injuries can all affect the way the brainstem works. The range of motion of the neck causes it to be more susceptible to injury. The tissue that holds the spine in place can become torn causing the spine to lock into position. This stresses the spine and delays healing.

A misalignment of the upper bones of the neck affects the brainstem, in turn, affecting a number of systems in the body. For instance, cortisol production can be altered. Cortisol is a hormone that can affect a person’s digestion, memory, sleep, weight, and mental health. These are similar to the symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

The Upper Cervical Connection

Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., a well-known upper cervical chiropractor, wanted verification that there really is a connection between the upper cervical spine and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. He partnered with a psychiatrist and medical doctor. Their results revealed that the participants all saw improvement in social skills, physical ability, vitality, and overall health after receiving upper cervical chiropractic care. Why not give us a call today?

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